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Ajouter Polyamide Casing – Classic Line

CASING LINE FOR MOST STANDARD COOKED ROUND SAUSAGES Ajouter's classical casing line encompasses our most popular casing types for the production of cooked sausages with medium to high barrier depending on specific requirements. Even though the various types of casings within this group are structurally similar, their performance and characteristics vary to fit a vast range of applications.

Ajouter Polyamide Casing – RING LINE

CURVED CASING LINE Ajouter’s curved casing line stands for a family of sausage casings which are regularly expanded in a controlled manner to form a curvaton of defined inner diameter and repeated radius while keeping the caliber constant. Ring Line is offered in calibers from 28 to 65 mm and is always delivered in shirred form to guarantee the optimum quality. Our Ring Line quality is unique and provides district advantages.

Ajouter Polyamide Casing – SMOKE LINE

CASING LINE FOR SMOKED, COOKED, SEMI-DRY AND RAW SAUSAGES Smoke Line are a highly modified synthetic polymer casings based on polyamide and water soluble polymers to allow selective permeability to smoke, gases and water vapor. The Smoke Line casings are specifically designed to meet requirements for production of smoked, cooked, semi-dry and raw sausages.

Transparent Plastic Casing Of Shirred

Our casings are used for a wide range of meat sausages and also for dairy products. Primary materials for production line are supplied from world class European suppliers including polyamide, masterbatch, adhesive and printing ink in compliance with highest standards for food contact products. All of our products passed industrial toxicological tests, heavy metal content, GMO and allergens tests with excellence. We have ISO, HALAL, CE and HACCP certificate.